NJR Industries Inc.

We are a second generation company dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality, cost effective products utilizing the latest industry technology while maintaining a safe and environmentally responsible work environment. We are located in Mobile, AL and have been supplying resin-processing equipment for over fifty years. We have built resin processing equipment such as, Bulk Resin Storage Tanks, Resin Pumping Units, Process Heat Exchangers, Filter Systems, Resin Mixing Systems, Vacuum Units, Control Systems and Process Piping. We have supplied this equipment to fiberglass boat builders, bowling ball industry, shower stall & spa manufacturers, the cured-in-place pipe industry, filament winding and other resin processing manufacturers.

NJR Industries is a custom design and manufacturing facility. We are dedicated to providing you with high quality, cost effective products utilizing the latest industry technology.

Our customers are important to us, in the 50 years we have been doing business we have developed a reputation for taking good care of our customers.